Ultra-precision Topology Scan Units - single beam With these ultra precision Topology Scan units surfaces with 3-dimensional structures can be measured at very high resolutions down to topological structures of only nanometers and are particularly well suited for the economical  TopoGetter TS -series systems. Single beam ultra-precision Topology Scan units’ key performance features include: Scan resolution in x/y-direction up to *)  2,000 lines/cm ( approx. 5,000 dpi) Up to 2 µm position accuracy of scan head Measuring quantization of 32,768 steps in vertical (z)-direction in 16 bit data format Choice of optics for measuring ranges is 1 to 10 mm Scan speed limited to up to 10 kHz measurement data sampling rates Automatic layer scan option for objects of various heights Maximum measuring range in multiple layers: 50 mm Maximum high of scan objects 120 mm *)  Because of constraints due to the image file format TIFF,     the highest scan resolution may only be available for a smaller than the maximum scan area.
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