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The high speed and high precision multi-beam TopoGetter TM –series scanner systems The 20 minutes @ A4 size originals @ 2 μm topology scanner The high speed and high precision multi-beam Topology Scan units are mounted on a bridge fixed within a rigid stationary frame of extreme rigidity and stiffness and moved by a high-performance linear motor for point-wise measuring of the topology of any haptic surface of the original sample any haptic surface. The scan table is moved by a digitally and encoder synchronized high-precision drive. Scan table formats of up to 1.000 X 1.500 mm are available. This machine design ensures extremely high accuracy: Scan resolution in x/y-direction up to 2,000 lines/cm Up to 2 μm position accuracy of scan head Measuring quantization of 32,768 steps in vertical Choice of optics for measuring ranges is 1 to 10 mm Maximum measuring range in multiple layers up to 50 mm (with 10 mm head) Maximum hight of scan objects 120 mm Automatic layer scan option for objects of various heights TopoGetter 3D-Topo^Scanv software  tools for analyzing, measuring, filtering and color proofing of topology data.