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Our mission Topocolor-Systems has since the beginning of the century focused on research and development of topology and color image scanning, leading to 3D image reproduction, and has become the technology leader in this field. Its TopoGetter systems have proven their superior and unique TopoScan and ColorScan technologies in demanding applications with customers in various fields of the reproduction, computer imaging and printing industries especially in Europe and Asia. Within the past decade TopoGetter Systems have thus become the undisputed quality leader in the field of highest precision topology and color image scanning. The so-called  6to5® - virtual plasticity technology pioneered by the Dr. Wirth group today represents the leading methodology of combining topology and color image data in aiming to achieve the ultimately best visual perception of 3- dimensionality and interpretation of plasticity with highest fidelity. By thus unleashing the potential of 3D, the perception of a haptic surface feel, the appearance of plasticity and the appeal of 3D reality imaging becomes more significant than ever before in advertising, industrial printing, decor, packaging, publishing and digital media.