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Advantages TopoGetter systems’ very high precision and resolution capabilities lets them share the following advantages essential in color scanning for reproduction of 3-dimensional originals or haptic surfaces with virtual plasticity. Facsimile accuracy of 3D- and color scan Resolution capabilities allowing extreme scaling factors and thus scanning time reductions Avoiding blind spots for entire scan area due to tele centric optical systems Direct and color-independent measuring and scanning technology Perfect modulation of even very dark and light originals Scanning of metallic and reflective or glossy surfaces due to perfectly diffuse illumination technology Undistorted and color-independent light distribution for all surfaces at all angles Only when applying these capabilities, the ultimately best visual perception of 3-dimensionality, optimal interpretation and / or management of visual and material plasticity the desired plasticity effects can be achieved in advertising, industrial printing, decor, packaging, and publishing as well as digital media. This is called virtual plasticity.